Business Research,Incubation and Development for the Growth of Economy Center


The Business Research, Incubation and Development for the Growth of Economy (BRIDGE)  Center    Ltd, is a private consulting Center  . It is located in   Muhoza   Sector, Musanze  District, in the Northern province. It is a privately held management consulting firm founded in 2015 by the economists and    Managers   ,   with the   aim to work in the East  Africa . The BRIDGE starts in the era   of the Sustainable Development Goals and   specializes in delivering thoughtful solutions to challenging strategic and operational problems. The BRIDGE   looks for insightful innovation solutions to   corporate   problems , focus on driving tangible results while making their clients more capable. The BRIDGE Center   is legally recognized and works as an engine to the sustainable development of the economies   of   the countries in which it will work. The BRIDGE    groups its practices into 3    main areas: Business Research, Business Incubation and Business Development specified in   :

  • Business research through  feasibility, impact  and profitability analysis ,
  • Business incubation through entrepreneurship promotions and enticements ,
  • Business Development through training and advisory in business  management
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