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Training of teachers

The training, on the business plan elaboration is organized in favor   of selected  secondary school teachers who will later on train their colleagues who have not been chosen at first glance and the pupils as well. The training of the secondary school   teachers is of paramount importance in order to boost the economy of the   country since they teach the siblings since low age.

Business-plan is a document describing definite business-idea and possible ways of its realization. The main function of this document is in valuing the degree of real realization of this idea, and if it is real, what profit the project promises and what risks it entail.

There are four pain reasons for making up a business-plan:

  1. The possibility to foresee and eliminate problems before their appearance. During the work over the business-plan forecast reports are made up, actual indicators are compared with planned ones, market tendencies are analyzed, and this allows to foresee some snags, which can expect the firm in future;
  2. Opportunity for attracting investments, necessary for business-idea realization. No one investor or creditor will quit with his money, if convincing proofs of the fact his investments will be repaid with the high degree of probability are not presented in
  3. Business-plan is a standard document of modern business world, the “face” of an enterprise, which is paid attention to in the first turn.
  4. Opportunity for using the business-plan as an instrument of control and managing in the internal activities of the firm.

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