Business Research,Incubation and Development for the Growth of Economy Center

Who we are

Company Ownership

The BRIDGE   Center   Ltd is a company which is limited per shares. It is composed of 100 shares of Rwfs 100,000 each. It initially   comprises two   share holders  for legal requirements  with the option of extension whenever the requests of adhering  expressed.  It is however noteworthy mentioning that day in day out, the shareholder has increased the share capital in order to cope with the operational requirements as well as the market ones.

Start-up Summary

The BRIDGE   Center   Ltd costs comprise the costs relevant to legal formalities fulfillment, house   rental  , equipment cost, Labour cost and the working capital fees. The BRIDGE Center    groups its practice into 3    main areas: Business Research, Business Incubation and Business Development specified in   :

  • Business research through  feasibility, impact  and profitability analysis ,
  • Business incubation through entrepreneurship promotions and enticements ,
  • Business Development through training and advisory in operations management

However ,it is noteworthy mentioning that in the business development, it will launch the BRIDGE Financial Institution entitled “ BRIDGE Finance Ltd, which will serve in the intermediation and contribute to the growth of economy.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our unique vision, mission and values capture the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another. In addition,it speaks to how we go to the market and our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients, shareholders and the community.


To be the most trusted and respected professional research, entrepreneurship and management services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence, in Rwanda in particular, and in the whole region in general.


To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional business research, incubation and development services that address their business issues, thanks to most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, delivering superior financial results to the investment community while contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

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